Since this site is 'updated' slowly, irregualry and haphazardly, it might be futile to keep a record of news. However I could always try.

To start with I'd say that this site has a minimum of broken links thanks to Big Brother.
The more who use software of that kind the better the internet will be.

The three pages that this site started with in January 1997 (webpage1,2,3) haven't changed much. I've changed a couple of links on "My Life" and made a coupe of words there into links.

I put up "Other Material" in the summer of 1997, and has added to it since then.

The latest changes is that I've put more links in Parallax e-mail,
I've put up a  "My Life 2" ,
and I've gathered toghether some Medium-specific links.
This last one is part of an effort to make interest links seem more interesting; but I'm not sure how that's best done.

That's all for now.

Created 26th April, 1998
Last updated 26th April, 1998