This could be called "My Life 2" and sound like a Hollywood money squeezer. The thing is that I'm both too lazy to augment the original page right now, and wonder if it wouldn't become too bloated if I did anyway.
But there were linkss I had wanted to include when first wrote the page in January 1997 that just didn't exist then. Some of them have come along now, in one shape or another, and I cannot just leave them out.

When we were told to make a website consisting of our curriculum vitae and links with our interests I thought that I could make an anti-CV. I might have spent many years just hanging around, or even less, but my life hasn't been completely empty even so. And it turned out it was more fun to gather links for that than for ones interests, because the latter is so difficult to limit.

So I'm from sunny, cheerful Sweden.
(Hugh Cornwell, who wrote those lyrics lived in Malmö - a town once (in NYC) described to me as "the armpit of Sweden". There are nicer places, but then again...) 
I went to a school named after its first headmaster: Carlssons Skola (se).
One of my classmates there was: Charlotte Cederström (se).
I also went to the Swedish School in Geneva, during our year there.
As a kid I spent much of my summers at Rådmansö, in between the villages of Gräddö and Räfsnäs. One of our neigbours there was the Bisenius (se) family, whose eldest son married that woman. In fact he was almost incomprehensibly much older for me - his youngest sister was like my older sisters, and she was what one in Sweden would call a "sladdbarn" - much younger than the rest of the siblings. So that his girldfriend would support The Who in front of 7000 spectators when I was just one, and find them "short and ugly"  (SvD 30/9 1996) is conceivable for me now, if maybe not much so...
I had cousins and still do. One with the surname I have now as Christian name, and with the same initial to his surname as the surname I had then (complicated): Single Malt Society .
I grew up on a street with many trees: Karlavägen (se).
My sister Christian asked me why I hadn't put a link to her university (Linköping) on my site. I just hadn't wanted an imbalance between her and our other sister Ingrid, who died in 1980, who I couldn't find another link for. She surely didn't like her unversity as much. She did like her classmate Michaela though.
(Her picture and more on  Hamsun films here.)

The first place in London I lived after the dorms in Regent's Park was Forest Gate. Despite a beautiful name it was vaguely horrible. It mixes the emptiness of the countryside with the stress and coldness of the city. So when I later learned that Purple Haze was written there I wasn't surprised. It was evidently on Boxing Day 1966, and Hendrix was there for a concert with The Who. 
(And this: Purple Hacks then begs the question: is computing a drug?)

The place I've lived longest since I moved from Sweden is adminstratively in Peckham but actually closer to New Cross Gate. I wasn't quite The Only Living Boy In New Cross, but it felt a bit like thatsometimes.
(More on Carter USM here.)

Gary Oldman grew up there. Which is proved in
French: Biographie G.Oldman
German:  Schauspieler- Gary Oldman
English:  Soojin's Gary Oldman
(by guy with a Korean name)

Now I live in sunny  East Dulwich  (Unofficial East Dulwich).
(But still close enough to Peckham that Peckham Rye is next to me on this map.)

My friend Elias Arnér now has an own page, as has his father (well) Sivar Arnér. And his mothers work might be visible here: Lenke Rothman.
His friend, Jessie's bookstore (see "ML1"), happens to be on the same street as Issa's Mahogany, and the next street to Fabrice's Alain-Figaret.
Mrs Voorsanger-Brill herself (who never actually worked at that branch) can be found at many places on the WWW now. Maybe the best is: Star Choice.

One of my parents more interesting classmates is Lisbet Palme, née Beck-Friis. Here she is in 1982 with a mystery blonde (who later went to my school).

My mother learned Chinese calligraphy from Dr. Tien Lung. Klick on his "Fu" (Happiness) to see the English translation of one of his poems.


A Swedish poet my grandfather once had to the table was Karin Boye. She seemed much younger to him than he actually was. Maybe that was part of her being a sensitive person; when the nazis invaded Greece she was so upsetshe killed herself.
Grandpa had something to do with the development of the Ericofon. His last Christmas present to me was a piece of Swedish culture that's more difficult to export - a record by Ola Magnell (se) . As his lyrics are in Swedish (like this his self maintained site) you have to know that language to enjoy their depth. Maybe Ingemar Bergman should be thankful for subtitles. Even so, here is  page in Dutch on him.
Another popsinger is Olle Ljungström, who I had the pleasure to know when I was kid because he was my cousin Patrik's friend. Here is another picture of him I like, taken by somebody who doesn't like him(!).
(Some have better taste.) 

Patrik's brother makes triptychs. And his uncle, Mr Järegård,  is a star of that Danish prefab cult classic, The Kingdom  (A hyper-text review of it.)
Somebody who translated a play ("Class Enemy") set in Brixton, and later told me to be careful when I lived there is the author Klas Östergren. (His picture.) He married somebody famous, then married my cousin.
A distant relation of mine is the Wagnerian Birgit Nilsson. But no, I'm not a Wagner enthusiast. I like Tristan's music better; and he's not an opera singer, despite his name.

Last updated: 2/7/98