My Life


My paternal grandfather was the eldest of my grandparents. August emigrated to the USA in 1890, at the tender age of 15, and lived for a few years in New York and Montana. When he got back to Stockholm he won a lot of money on the 'premium bonds' and, in the late 20s, he won the heart of my grandma, Irma.
Irma was born in Shanghai in 1890. In 1895 her family moved in to the house where 100 years later Dolph Lundgren would reject an apartment his lawyer planned to buy for him. August later joined her there.
My maternal grandmother, Märta, had a fairly rich and eventful life, and if she'd found out I take a connection with Lenin as her claim to fame she'd be surprised. But her father's secondcousin, being mayor of Stockholm, was a host when Lenin passed in 1917 in the 'sealed train' on his way to St. Peterburg and the Revolution.
Märta married Malte in 1928 - the same year as August and Irma, but they were mere kids of 24 then. Like August Malte worked within telecommunications all his life, and did some important work for LM Ericsson. (Yes, it is a Swedish company, but their American site looks nicer.)
Their eldest daughter, Inga, married my father, Arne, in 1956. My mother studied medicine at 'Karolinska Institutet'. My father worked for another Institute, where he made a famous experiment testing the nature of the speed of light.
My eldest sister, Ingrid, was born in 1959 and went to a kindergarten where she much later took her A-levels. The middle sister, Christina, was born in 1961, and I in 1965. We lived in the house Dolph reje cted, apart from a year in the mid-seventies when we lived outside of Genève because our father did some research at CERN, CERN. (So fab you name it twice.)
Back in Sweden Christina took her A-levels at Östra Real, and I took mine, ...well, the place first merged with another, and then they both closed down. But I can say that much that it was a place where adults can study for A-levels - so when I was 18 I started a place where the average age was close to 30, and now when I'm close to 30 I've started a place where the average age is close to 18!
I moved to London in 1988, at first living and studying at Regent's College. Later that year I tried to study Astrophysics at Queen Mary College, and moved in with Dotun Adebayo - a Swedish speaking Nigerian who now works for Greater London Radio (GLR).
In 1990 I moved to glamorous Brixton, and in 1992 to glamorous Peckham, where I still live.
I started to study Economics in 1991 at Birkbeck College. This was much inspired by Mariko Fujishiro, a friend from Regent's College. (I don't know her link with that link, only that it's there.)
So that about raps it up. I was recommended City University by one of the teachers at Birkbeck College - Mr. Bernard Casey, who also works at the Policy Studies Institute. And Malte's brother in-law-studie d here in 1939, and Gerard (on my right on the piture) almost took a course here, and so on...

A couple of my friends, Leo Admantius (ne Koukoutsas) and Sofia Wirberg works with computer related things in Sweden. (Their names are there if you look hard enough.) Elias Arnér works where my mother studied, only at another department. Our friend from New York, Jessie Voorsanger-Brill used to work with books here in London, but she's normally an artist.



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