This Gif-film shows the rotation of the earth. This rotation is an example of absolute motion in that it has the same orientation for any observer in the universe.
To say anything else would either imply that the earth does not rotate at all, which a geocentric world-view would assume, or that the kind of circular motion that would 'follow' the earth could not be ruled out as being possible, whatever distance from the earth that observer would have.
Again, this latter alternative would be viable if the 'fixed stars' where all situated on a sphere of a limited dimension, as earlier geo-statioary models proposed. But otherwise observers circling the earth at distances of many lightyears could have velocities in excess of the speed of light relative to the stars in its neighbourhood (Or rather, according to that view, it would be the neighbourhood that would have that speed.) . And that, most people would agree, is not possible.

Anyway. More practically - the sun rise in the east, more eastern zones are so and so many hours ahead. These are ways to check ones mind if the rotation actually is in the direction the above globe has.